Once upon a time

If you read my last post, then you know that the beautiful Ginnifer Goodwin bought my snow white painting and that she had a request from a certain cast mate to paint Prince Charming. Of course I did a double "squeal" quietly to myself and said YES! yes!!! so as I searched for reference material to paint the Prince, I came across these beautiful stills from the Show. This is Once Upon a Time. and i'm so excited for it to start. set your dvr's folks. i know its gonna be brilliant. Welcome to Storybrooke! (starts oct 24th)

the charming and handsome, Josh Dallas

the kiss that can awaken beauty and release evil spells! (love this)

my rendition of Prince Charming


  1. this painting is gorgeous!

    i love this story mindy and can't wait to hear you tell it in person NEXT WEEK!

    sending big love across the miles...

  2. I feel like they might be filming this in Portland? Or else it's something similar. Someone was just telling me about a new show about fairy tales that they were filming in Portland.

    Oh, I just love this story! It makes me feel all giddy and happy for you!

  3. elizabeth, there may be part of it filmed in portland but i think the main part is film in BC, canada. i am sending his painting to the set.

  4. I love your prince, he's completely charming! And oooh, that show looks good too!!!

  5. Oh he's absolutely perfect, a true and fitting prince for the fairytale romance. I love the painting.

  6. Mindy, what an amazing commission to be asked to do! I am so happy for you. Your star keeps on rising! Love your Prince and your gorgeous art :) Sarah

  7. That turned out soooooooo perfectly!!!!
    You got me all excited with that video clip!

    We moved to a new house last November.....can you believe we have had no TV, cable or otherwise for almost a year?!

    Yikes, I better get a move on!

  8. Congratulations! Both pieces are wonderful. Also thanks for the heads up about the show. I haven't heard about it.

  9. Oh, my gosh...your Prince Charming could not be more perfect!!!! I LOVE him! I'm sure Mr. Dallas is thrilled.

    I was so happy to talk to you this afternoon. You always make my day!


  10. Yay! I love the painting!
    I'm really hoping to come to Little Rock for your Bottletree workshop. (finger's crossed)

    Jill Denton

  11. Wow. I am absolutely loving your prince charming. In all honesty, I love love love your characters. I believe you may be my favorite artist, but I tell you. You're inspiring and make me happy, and Sally is the best! ...and i cannot believe that Tim Burton exhibit. So wish I could have seen this!

    My best,


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