Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mail Art monday

Monday rolls around so fast! mondays are pretty much my favorite day of the week. It used to be the my worst when i worked at a job i hated. and it gets even better with these lovely mail art offerings i have to share with you today.

here is the awesome lineup:

Mail art from Bonita Rose
i love the delicious red and black envelope
and the textures in this sweet piece delight my heart.

mail art from Brooke Butler
oh wow, what exquisite brush work!
i love the envelope too. just so divine dear girl.

 mail art from Cameron Reutzel
i love this little painting! such sweet friends sleeping beside one another
i love how she added a gorgeous ribbon for easy hanging. brilliant!
i may have to start doing this to my canvas panels.
 mail art from Ludgera Worms
i adore the shape and size of this mail piece.
she mailed this just like it  is presented here with an address
on the other side. i love the colors and the collage elements. beautiful!!
(and Ludgera told me she is taking on of my classes at Artfest. can't wait!!)

mail art from Annie Hooten
i adore the pe work on this amazingly colored
mail piece. just gorgeous soft mixed with bold. wow, wow!!
be still my heart.

Thank you all so very much for participating! i continue to be blown away at all the beautiful work that graces my mailbox!

Brooke and Bonita, I sent your mail art to you a couple days ago. And Annie, Ludgera, and Cameron...yours will be mailed today.

I think for the month of October, I'm going to have to put a "pause" on the project. I think i will have 1 or 2 mail art monday posts because i'm going to be teaching in Seattle oct and in NC Oct (by the way, there are still spots available at Serendipity. its never too late to join the fun!)
......and then locally i'll be teaching an evening class HERE

I may not be able to return a mail piece to you for the month of October so just wanted all of you to know. Keep sending them in though, and i'll still feature you here on my blog.

thanks again for your lovely words and encouragement for this project. it has been so fun!

here again is my address if you want to participate:
Mindy Lacefield
123 Detonti Drive
Maumelle, AR  72113


  1. Yay! I'm soooo glad you like it! It was so much fun sending this to you....what a great idea! I might have to do one myself :)

    I look forward to receiving your whimsically delicious art soon.
    Thank you so much!!!!

    Lotsa hugs,

  2. Argh!!! I'm so happy she arrived safely and that you like her. I'm more than a little excited to see her here on your awesome blog. I just can't wait to get my little treasure from you Mindy. I will be stalking the mailman big time. Thank you so much for the chance to be a part of your mail art exchange. I have loved every single moment.
    Big hugs,
    aka Run Away Violet

  3. wow! you are getting the most beautiful stuff. I love to see how different it all is. :0)

  4. These are beautiful!
    Such lovely "mail art'" to be gifted with :]
    Thank you for sharing... this is very inspiring.

  5. My mail art arrived today and I am in love - thank you so much for such a fun exchange - I am so happy :)


  6. Thanks Mindy to get all mail art friends united. Can't wait until next year and I will bring you a pile of these cards.( museums board) They are hot of the press from our printing business.

  7. Wow those creations and envelopes are all so beautiful!

  8. Thank you so much, Mindy. Fluffy is here safe and sound. I was anxiously awaiting her and she is so ... ahhh. Words fail me, I love, love her. So much character and whimsy. What a super fun idea, I am so glad I had the opporunity to participate. Thanks again for the mail art. I may have to try to figure out my blog again - just so I can post your picture there.

  9. Just got yours today, thank you! xo hugs

  10. so happy it make it there to you! hugs xo

  11. hello, I was wondering if you're still doing mail art exchange, if so please let me know I'd love to be penpals with you !

  12. hello I was wondering if you'd like to exchange art mail and be penpals on a continuous basis, here is a sample of the type of mail/journals/letter/postcard I send please let me know! thanks!

  13. I'm going to resume the mail art exchange in November..... :-)

  14. These are all beautiful! Hope I can paint as good as the one who made this art.

  15. I am following your blog ... I'm in love with mail art, journal, and everything that makes life more encantadora.quero send you a mail art, but I wonder what your country as it does not appear in your address.ok


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