Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Away to California

whew....what a week!!! The article caused a definite stir.....and oh what fun it was :-) The best part was all the wonderful, sweet comments. It's so refreshing that so many people are in the same boat as me and are living their dream and/or striving to the point not giving up their passion. Many folks said that it inspired them, but one thing I do know is that all of these wonderful souls who took time out to leave their touching words, left me emotional at times. We are both tackling it everyday....staying persistent....keep on keeping on. go get that dream of yours! I love you all...............

I'm leaving in the morning to go to an art retreat in California and am taking a class with the lovely kelly rae roberts and mati rose. I'm so excited. I also get to see Chrissy again!! double yay!!! I cannot wait to see that smile of hers.
I need this breath now. A time to reflect and let the paint flow. I need the smile of other kindred souls. I need to breathe in nature and take in a bit of sunshine.


  1. wow I just found your blog via the lovely Chrissy... I think you are pretty darn clever!!! I love what you do and I hope you guys have a wonderful time at the retreat, I would love to go too but it is a bit far away for me.

  2. have a well deserved break. give my love chrissy a big hug for me too. i just love her.
    i'm so jealous but so happy for you!

  3. oh sweet Mindy ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!!

    Wish i could come hide out with you won't be too far from me and the weather here has been gorgeous...lots of sunshine!!

    have a wonderful time.
    hug my dear dear friend Chrissy for me and have her hug you back from me!! love both you girls so much!


  4. Have a wonderful trip...wish I was going to be there with the two of you, too!

    Also, thanks for the FAB T! (and pocket mirror) It's always exciting to get a package from you!

    <3 lt

  5. so cool! give chrissy a big hug from me!

  6. I'm so glad you got such great feedback from the article, you are fabulous never forget it :)

    Micki x

  7. Hi hi hi!! I was just thinking of you and then saw that you checked out my blog. I am going to be mentioning you there soon, such inspiration to be shared! I cannot believe that I have just found your blog and your art! I am going to be purchasing some bright craft paint soon and everytime I use it I will think of you and your cutie paintings.

    it Killed me with a capital see your tears as you said goodbye to everyone on sunday night.
    you are SOOOOO loved.
    it was such a joy to sit back and watch the wonder and awe that everyone has for your art.
    you REALLY are so incredibly talented and i am so so so so super blessed to call you my friend.
    you keep soaring girlfriend.
    i love you all the way to the moon and back.


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