Monday, February 15, 2010

Quit your day job

photo by jonny meyer

Thank you Etsy for featuring me in the Quit your day job article series. It was so fun to answer the questions given to me by Mary with Etsy. I love my new art friends that I've found through various ways online through flickr, facebook, twitter, and of course etsy. I just wish I could bundle you all up and bring you to arkansas for a cup of hot tea.

And thank you all for words of encouragement and cyber-hugs that you flourish me with everyday. You make this awesome job of mine even richer.


  1. Loved your article and your work. It is so inspiring to read all these "quit your day job" stories. I hope to be one of them soon.

  2. woo! congrats!! i'm off to read it now.

    are you going to do a lab, also? i love the QYDJ labs.

  3. i absolutely LOVED reading this article and learning more about you!

    loved reading about your typical day and how you and your hubby have lunch and catch up on Jimmy Fallon!! : )

    you are such an inspiration and i am SOOOOO very happy for all your deserved success....i just knew you would SOAR, SOAR, SOAR when i met you in October!

    and of course, you are cute as a button in your pics!!


  4. mindy...
    i am going to give you the BIGGEST hug on thursday.
    this is AWESOME.
    i loved this article...and did you read all those 99 comments that people wrote about it?
    sheeez louise.
    i LOVE the tea party picture of you.
    i LOVE tea parties.
    we should have more of them.
    that makes me wish i woulda bought the cute little tea.set i saw in an antique shop over the weekend.
    love you tons girl.

  5. thank you so much for inspiring me! Your artwork is wonderful!
    I especially enjoyed your article on Etsy. Thanks for the advice & hopefully one day I may join you in doing what I love full time.
    All my best

  6. What a wonderful, inspiring article! Thank you for sharing your story and tips :) I just love your artwork!

  7. I loved your article, so inspiring - will be following your blog - and those T-shirts look wicked - I might have a look in a minute.. Thanks

  8. I am jealous of your art-y success. keep it up!!

  9. Hi there I loved the etsy article on you, it's so inspiring and wonderful to hear that it is possible. I'm lucky in that I'm a stay at home mum so I'm at home already and I manage to squeeze in as much as I can whilst looking after the kids. I've just started my etsy shop and have only sold one item so far but it really helped me to read that it took you a few months to kick off, I shall keep perserveering, so glad I found your blog too, I'll now become a follower. Love your work too!!! You have a very unique style. Take care

  10. I love that photo of you! Congrats on the feature.

  11. Fantastic article, well deserved!!

    I'll bet you had a whole heap more sales in your etsy shop after it too, i'm sure you will have gained many more fans of your beautiful work :)

    Micki x

  12. Saw your feature on Etsy. So inspiring, love your work!
    It is so hard being a stay at home artist and staying on task, loved seeing how you scheduled your day. That has always been my biggest challenge and I love the Etsy community and artist blogs to feel like I still have some human contact with like minds:) Thx~Cindy

  13. finally time to visit your blog..received my etsy goodies and they are excellant!! the colors are vibarant and happy happy..thanks much..congrats on your interview and happy sales to you..adding you to my blog list..

  14. well I'm a little late to the party but hOorAy for a fabulous interview miNdy! I ADORE your tea party pic too :)
    Have a wonderful time filling your creative spirit in CA.
    sUz :)

  15. I'd love to come to Arkansas for a cup of hot tea.

  16. somehow I didn't see this post, but I read that article and wanted to say CONGRATS! the photos of you were lovely, and the article sounded just like you. so glad for all your success in following your artsy bliss. <3

  17. so inspiring! I didn't realize that you had taken a break from the art school as you realized you wouldn't be doing anything that you're not doing now...answers a lot of questions that I've been asking myself! thanks, K

  18. this is just the cutest photo of you. love it. you are such an inspiration to me. rock on girlie!


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