Thursday, February 11, 2010

T-shirts are finally here

After some snags in getting my t-shirt order, they are finally here! Go to the shop
for more info and sizing. They are printed using a direct process on a women's cut shirt.

There is still snow on the ground here but the roads are clear so at least I can get out of the house for mexican food if need be.....thank goodness!

next week...i can't wait....i have some fun news.

love to all of you. :-)


  1. I love fun news...
    The t-shirts look awesome!
    Good luck on your sales :)

  2. Hey, girl, you are turning into quite the little enrepreneur! Love it!! There's just no stopping you now.... Love and hearts to you!!

  3. i've already worn my shirts! LOVE!!!

  4. i love it sooooo it screenprint or just iron-on print? thanks


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