Friday, February 26, 2010

New creative friends



amy, me, and danielle




I met these extraordinary ladies at An Artful Journey last weekend and my creative world as I know it has been deeply enriched. Thank you Louise, Danielle, Amy, Cathy, and Chrissy for the making this retreat more than just being creative. We listened to each others stories, we joked, we cried, we laughed, and we got inspired. oh yeah....and throw in a little red wine to boot. (thanks lorrie!)

funny story.........Amy and I had arranged to meet at the San Jose airport the thursday that we flew in and low-and-behold Danielle just happened to be sitting across from us at baggage claim. That sweet Canadian!!! anywhooo...she said would you guys happen to be going to the art retreat....and we did a little squeal. Then we called our buddy Peter (the shuttle driver)....i say our buddy. we didn't know him. but he did a great job and accommodated us. he even gave us all kisses on the cheek when he dropped us off at the presentation center.....hehehe!! yikes.... a little weird but at least he was dependable........

Also, Anne-Marie, Lorrie, and Monica......i loved our conversations.....and your light that you brought to my creative soul.

I can't wait till we have hot tea in the mountains again. we will meet again. i just know it. i love each one of you! I am so tempted to go back in July :-)


  1. so sweet to see chrissy's face so happy next to yours!
    thanks for sharing...i had really wanted to join you ladies, but had to make the decision to see my family instead (which is lovely too).
    i just feel blessed that so many of you are sharing your photos and memories!

  2. Mindy, it was great to talk about your work and the recent articles hi-lighting your talent - it was like having a hiding celebrity in our midst!!

    and anytime you want some backup on your life choices just give a shout-out! ;)

    yes, if i had more PTO to use, i'd probably use my upcoming tax refund for another go in July...let's just keep at Cindy to continue hosting this event, shall we?!??

  3. Hello Sweet Friend!

    There are no coincidences in my world and I am beyond excited to have met you and to have spent three days painting by your side...You have inspired me beyond belief. Sending you heaps of LOVE from Canada. You Ms. Mindy are part of my tribe. LOVE you xox

  4. Wow - those are some happy-lookin' smiles!! It's obvious that you guys had an amazing time and it will all spill over and fuel even more beautiful creative work. Awesome!!

  5. awhhh.
    that was the SWEETEST.
    i love you too.
    how blessed i feel to have been able to go with you to that retreat.
    i guess we will just have to make it an annual event.
    i don.t know what i.d do without you painting somewhere nearby.
    tea in the mountains it will be.
    (i.ll drink hot chocolate!)
    missing you miss mindy.

  6. M-I-N-D-Y!!! (that is as loud as I can yell your name here!) I just got my mail and went straight to Aaron Bros (framing place if you don't have it) and am now slobbering over my ADORABLE (yes...yelling again!) print(s). (two since I had to frame the cutie extra you added...thanks!!) I am so thrilled with these paintings that I haven't even had time to stare at MY NEW NECKLACE!!!! (Ok...I have be quiet before I wake my kiddos!) Thank you thank you thank you! I am giddy with happiness!

    Ok, and I agree, I have a feeling we are all going to be together again, it was too perfect not too really. I have found myself looking into July as well...tempting!


  7. so loving all these photos and all the wonderful blog posts about this amazing journey!!!

    wish i couldv'e snuck into someone's suitcase to go along for the ride!!!!!

    love you Mindy!


  8. Come make dolls with me in July! Love you Mindy girl!

  9. i saw your sumptious art creation on gorgeous chrissy's blog & was moved to come check out your blog...loooove it! & what an amazing experience you all had!!

  10. I am so thinking that we shall all meet again someday too. I wish it could be July but I'm going to aim for 2012 I've decided.

    Miss you lots my friend.


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