Friday, March 12, 2010

My stars.....inspiration continued

Something funny happened when I began to open up. it really surprised me. i wasn't expecting for ideas for paintings to come to me. but they did. thank you jennifer! This is the first painting and is inspired by jen's poem "my stars".  

The other couple of ideas I have relates directly to my childhood....the clubhouse log and one a girl wearing Dollar General clothes....(what me and jayme called D&G....and kept in on the downlow...!!!, we didn't have a clue about the REAL D&G.....)
 Thank you Jennifer......Here is her poem 
"My Stars"
When I look up
I see
All these sparkling stars
Shining down on me
In my darkest nights
They guide me home
Lead me to saftey
And tuck me in tight

These glistening stars
Hold my hand
Dry my tears
And make sure everything is alright

Spread all across the sky
These stars shine down on me
Always reminding me I am not alone

They shine so brilliantly
Making me smile
Bringing laughter to my heart
And lifting me up

Thank you stars
for looking down on me
For knowing when I needed you
Even though I never said a word

Thank you for holding the space
Letting me just be
And thank you for not letting me lose my way
I do not know what I would do without all of you!

Jennifer, this painting is for you. I'll send it to you next week! ((((many hugs))))


  1. mindy....

    i HEART this painting so much and i HEART the poem that inspired it by the beautiful writer friend of ours Jennifer....she is an angel!!

    sending lots of love to you and wishing you a happy happy weekend!

    loved hearing about d&g....made me smile!!!! ; )

    love you

  2. so beautiful....
    and i love the opening that is happening here sweet mindy!!!

  3. This is so sweet. reminds me of my childhood too. When I was laying down looking at the stars a worm crawled inside my underwear. eeeeooohhhhh!!!! Thanks for bringing that one back to me! lol!

  4. oh dear mindy I just love this unravelling of opening up that is happening with you. It is so beautiful, so real, so authentic. And I love being able to be here to witness it. You are blowing me away and I cannot thank you enough for your kindess towards me. You have made me feel like I really am a writer, and that is something I have been struggling with. Thank you for that, thank you.

    I cannot believe how lucky I am. I cannot believe that I will have a piece of your work. Tears are falling from my eyes and a huge smile is on my face. Thank you dear Mindy. Thank you.

    I cannot wait to see your other paintings in regards to your childhood. You are one of my shining stars!

  5. Love it!! It is so great to see you open up like this Mindy!!


    Micki x

  6. Totally forgot to say...Love the new blog look too ;)

  7. ooohhh.....i love it..its perect your blog
    love you....hugs G

  8. mindy!!!
    this is soooooo amazing.
    the art
    the words
    the bravery
    the inspiration
    the way everything circles around and we all help and love and hold the space for one another,
    even when we don.t know we are doing it.

    i love MY STARS.
    jennifer will be sooooo blessed to have it hanging on her wall. a lovely tribute to the BOTH of you.
    the writer
    the artist.
    reflected in each other.

    friendship is such a blessing.
    i love this
    i love you
    all my oregon coast sisters.

    keep soaring dear one.

  9. I love how you are opening in your posts. It is amazing to watch. You are so brave.

    Also, I love love love the new blog design! It is so very you!

  10. The painting is stunning, and so is all the inspiration and openess you are putting out there in the world. You're amazing.


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