Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its looking like Spring...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was just one of those days....the kind where you walk outside and the sun hits your face and you breathe it all in.

The last few days I've had a sinus cold but today I woke up and felt so much better and thank goodness. I would've hated to be sick on such a beautiful day. Tim and I went for a walk and just talked. I love that time together with him. We talked about the things coming up for my art.......(i'll let you in on some exciting things happening over the next month and into april and may)!! i'm so excited and a little nervous to be quite honest.

Last weekend I attended the 2nd annual Delta Visual Arts show. Its near my hometown and I got to see my wonderful high school art teacher....Ms. McCraken! She and I had so much fun talking about high school back in the day and the funny things that happened in class. Then we talked about art and what she's doing now. Love that lady!!!

ok....i'm keeping things short....i gotta run and cook a little dinner before idol tonight :-)


  1. love that you got to spend some quality time walkin' & talkin' with your man...those chats are the best! can't wait to hear what's cookin' in your creative journey!

  2. Hey gorgeous, lovely to see all your artwork out together..very excited to hear all your art news. So nice to take some time out walking and talking too...enjoy. xx

  3. i am so excited for you and your successes. you deserve all the goodness in store.

  4. isn't it great to have a supportive man in one's life?!!?!

    i''m looking forward to what's in store for April & May... =-)

  5. so happy that spring is around the corner girlfriend.
    i can.t WAIT to see what you have up that artistic sleeve of yours.
    it.s always a joy.
    love you tons.
    darling picture of you too.
    here.s to daffodils bloomin.

  6. I am so glad you are feeling better and that you got some sun..I love your spring picture its perfect.I cant wait to give my isabella her gift tomorow..she loves starwberry shortcake...You look so perfect with all of your art...its so freaking cute..I am so happy for all your my friend are going places and its because our so you..G

  7. Love the spring too! Flowers, green, baby birds in nests, so inspiring! Your picture is adorable, I love how you are standing like the girls in your paintings, so cute!

    I am looking forward to hearing what artsy plans are coming up for you...


  8. Oh I love your art!! It so makes me smile!!!

  9. Sounds like this spring is going to bring you a lot of sunshine. Can't wait to hear about all your plans

  10. I just saw your work for the first time in CPS. I really love it!

    Looking forward to perusing your blog a little more and checking out your etsy shop.


  11. I wish you all the best! Look how cute all of your paintings together...

  12. hELLO and Good Morning! Love your post and what a wonderful set of paintings. I love your work as well!!!

  13. YeA for sunshine shining on you!!!

    i cannot wait to hear what you have in the works...and i second what the lovely Gloria said!!!

    have to ask...who's your fav on Idol???

    sending love,


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