Wednesday, March 10, 2010

13th birthday

These last couple of days has brought me much peace and its really opened up some ideas for paintings strangely enough.

I wanted to share with you a photo of my 13th birthday. remember alf!!! omg!!! The tiny girl to my right is Jayme, my best friend. As you can tell, i had hit a growth spurt. dad like to call me a grasshopper because of my long legs. i went through years of this awkward stage most of us do. bad perms. 80's clothes. oh the 80's! ya gotta love 'em!


  1. cute as can be!!!

    oh yes....i love, love, love the 80's!!!! nothin like it my friend!!!

    thank you for sharing this sweet photo!


  2. awwwww i love old photos. You all look so well behaved, my party photos always have flying cake or someone pulling a naughty face in them! ;-) Have a lovely time visiting memory lane my friend. :-)

  3. Your Alf shirt cracked me up! The voice of Alf was in a deep argument with an insurance agent as I was in the office filling out some papers a few years ago. (I live in Los Angeles) You might be sad to know he could not be insured...too many DUIs. Bad bad Alf! It was kind of fun hearing him argue this in that voice though...just sayin! I wish I had on your tshirt that day!


  4. lorrie -
    oh my gawd....that is hyterical!!! i wish i could've been there to hear it. that is an awesome story.....!! hahahh!!! i told my hubby and we both died laughing....

  5. i was going to say i loved alf, then i read lorrie.s comment and decided ... maybe not?
    how funny would that have been to hear that in the next room.
    naughty alf.
    sure love you

  6. OMG I so remember Alf, I used to draw him on everything!!! I even drew him on some sticker paper and sold them to my friends... we are lucky growing up in the 80's.

    You are lucky, I never went through a growth spurt :(

  7. lol ah the 80's were great weren't they?!!

  8. I love this photo. Thanks so much for sharing!


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