Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend and happy monday!

well our plans changed on friday. we ended up not going to the track because of my poodle, cosmo was quite pekid and gettin around real slow. we did go to the track on sunday, but it was cold and rainy. we still had a great time. and cosmo is feeling back to his normal self.....

                                                Sloppy Track!!

I've got a couple bits of awesome news coming at the end of the month. I'll let you in on the fun on monday! i'm so, so, so excited.

Also, i've been thinking about the little drawings I did as a child.....of course i didn't keep everything, but i was obsessed with drawing little groupings of fruit, desserts, and junk food. pretty funny! i'll share those drawings tomorrow (i recreated them on scratch paper) and my plans for paintings based on those. it's kinda cracking me up right now.

take care and happy monday


  1. OMG - i came across some old drawings at my grandparents home this weekend! it's interesting i found them since i've been thinking of having a "retrospective" showing of my artwork and i thought it would be hilarious to have some old things i made as a kid!! ;)

    can't wait to see your images tomorrow!

  2. so excited to see your drawings when you were little!!!! and am even more excited to hear YOUR exciting news!!!!!

    let's see....can i say excited any more?!?!?!

    wishing you an excitingly fabulous day!!! : )

    sending love

  3. So glad your baby is feeling better. I feel having a sick pet is one of life's biggest bummers - you feel so helpless and they don't understand. Also, I love digging up stuff from the distant past. I wish I had more. I do have almost every letter I've ever received plus all the ones I ever sent to my parents (got them back after they died). I's a real kick to go back and read! Can't wait to see the drawings!

  4. I can't wait to hear what awesome news you have to share, and to see your drawings.

  5. on pins and needles

  6. Poor little guy. Glad he's feeling better!

  7. sweet doggie,,,,, I am sure will will come out with more awesomeness!


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