Sunday, October 30, 2011

Swimming With Stars

Swimming with Stars
water crept into her dreams, from the glow of the moon.
speaking beyond the subconscious, yet shouting loudly to be heard.
it is here where freedom began.

from the depths of fluid energy the mind escapes
into realms of mystical worlds.
hypnotized by her majesty, the waves forget their power.
her fullness extends a balance as the veil is lifted.

knowing now what her heart must try,
there is beauty in fear.
now lit with stars
holding her hand as they swim
where darkness once lingered

by me in Kate's class at Serendipity
inspired by my friendship with Jennifer and the moon

Swimming with Stars
for Jennifer
painted on one of our late night painting sessions...

me and jennifer

After the magic muse class, the students wanted to know what poem of Jennifer's first spoke to me a couple years ago. in these words, beauty is realized by hurt. i love you jen. my eyes are now open.......

Eyes open - by Jennifer Beltoff
I bring myself to the table
with my heart on my sleeve
I hug you
Tell you I love you
and try to show you
that life is not perfect
Sometimes it is plain awful
We get dragged through the mud
and we are not sure
how to pick ourselves back up
but we can do it
As human beings we are so strong
So powerful
and so brave
I show you my tears
I laugh with you
I take chances
I put myself out there
I live with my eyes open
In hopes to open yours


  1. Mindy, I love the poem thanks for sharing and I especially love the photo of you and Jennifer together.

  2. Dear Mindy

    You are such a shining star. I am so grateful that our paths crossed in Oregon and that our friendship has continued to grow and bloom. I love watching you spread your wings and fly. You are such inspiration to me and what you create with your hands comes directly from your heart. I am so proud of you. What a gift it is to have you in my life.


  3. i love you two.

    always blown away by both of your
    words and colors.

  4. i love seeing your friendship in action. xoxo.

    p.s. my word verification is "welite".


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