Monday, October 10, 2011

Mail Art Monday

I'm still receiving the most beautiful mail art!!!

i have just returned from being filled up with love and teaching at Create Magic (a be present retreat) which by the way, was just featured in Mingle. let me tell you, the people you meet and the magic you create will go on to enrich and change your life forever. i'm a walking testament. (more on Create Magic tomorrow)

here are the lovely, beautiful, amazing pieces of art i received while i was gone:

mail art from the fabulous Tammy McGee
i love the dreamy blues and greens! and the words
showing through make my eyes dance with joy!!
bravo dear girl....

mail art from Mary Ann Mariano
wow!!! just wow. this amazing art quilt is just so exquisite!
and the stitched envelope..... my heart can't take much more goodness.

mail art from Sophie De Cort
coming all the way from Dubai! i love the blue pom poms and
the stitched book tells a story of layered goodness....
happy. ponder. make. 

mail art from Kathie Vezzani
i love the hand carved flower buds and the 
whimsical, loose face. just absolutely breathtaking!!

mail art from Tina Amaro
the envelope is such eye candy with sweet paper collaged pieces.
i am bowled over by the chunky goodness of this canvas.
just so amazing! colors are spot on!!

mail art from Tina Deschenie
i love the textures, the collaged note (be still my heart!)
yes, "support the postal service". i love that you said that!!
i think by doing good for others with this circle of love, we are
helping the very ones who deliver it.

mail art from Jennifer Taylor
oh these blues and oranges make my heart flutter
with happiness! everything down to the envelope makes
me want to hug the sky! love this.....xo
mail art by Sarah Waterfield
oh my!! what wonderfullness this package holds!
i love the angel. the christmas fellow (or gal) 
i am continued to be blown away!!

well, there they are folks. don't they just make your eyes dance with joy?!?! i am so honored to have you all featured here and will send those folks art very soon (for the ones i haven't already done so)

you guys rock!! what an amazing circle of love and life we are sharing. my heart is so full!!

thanks so much for participating!!


  1. What beautiful mail!! This world has so many talented people!

  2. Those are all fabulous Mindy, I can't wait to do my big blog swap in January :)

    By the way the piece you sent me sits just above my computer desk, prettyfying my workspace beautifully, I adore it with all my heart. It also has another of your original paintings next to it for good company and the lovely art doll I bought from you forever ago just below it, it is quite a happy little workspace :o)

  3. so cool. i had a little art too when i got home.
    now i need to get busy and send a few out myself.

  4. What a fantastic collection you are acquiring! So much goodness!

    Thank you for my fun little piece! It sits above my work desk sending me creative vibes while I stir the pot for new ideas :)

  5. Hello gorgeous girl, what beautiful beautiful mail art - hope all is wonderful with you, think about you often. Hope it wont be too long until i see your sweet face once again. Love xxx

  6. Thank you so much for the sweet image that you sent me. I love it!


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