Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Create Magic

Liz has a special thing about her retreats........there is a real connection fostered with the workshops, the people, and Liz herself. She makes you feel at home. (home was a recurring word and theme at this retreat.) and the people i met there connected instantly. it didn't take us long before we were gathered in a circle laughing and sharing stories. it truly was magic.

i was honored to teach for the very first time here at this retreat. and it only seems fitting that this is the retreat i would do it with since i attended my first be present retreat back in 2009. i didn't know what to expect.....but i didn't expect the kindred souls that i would soon call my sisters.

sometimes its hard to articulate in words what the experience holds for me in my heart and how it deeply affected my soul.....

we met at a log cabin filled with..............
heart strings
cozy tea
bouncy balls
photo props
accessible words
warm spirits
belly laughing
walks in the woods
capturing jumps
laughing more
painting to music downstairs
crying together

these are the things i hold dear.............

words as JoJo Blondal

i love you Liz, Vivienne, Kelly, Danielle, Jojo, Celina, Melissa, Angel, Eileen, Janna, and Valerie!!!


  1. It was an honor. You are pure magic! xoxo

  2. Such a special word...kindreds...

    Looks like you have many...Lucky Girl ;P

  3. you touched my heart, mindy! and i miss your beautiful accent. thank you for all the care and love and magic! xo

  4. I feel SO lucky to have been there to watch you shine as you taught your first retreat class. Your heart is so big and beautiful. You taught us all how to play again. Love you my dear friend. xoxo

  5. Oh my gosh your photos ate stunning. And your words warm my heart. So wonderful to hear about the feeling of home that you guys felt. Makescmy heart smile. Looking forward to seeing you in a few short days.

  6. you broke me open and set me free to play and create in such a magical way. for this i am so grateful. you are such a blessing. thank you. xoxoxo

  7. So happy that you had that feeling of home for your first retreat teaching experience!

  8. YOU should be really proud of yourself....cuz who knew I could paint?? Certainly not me!! You opened up a whole new world for me girl. Love ya!

  9. oh mindy... i love you BIG. thank you for sharing so much of your heart and soul with us. you are a gem and i am so proud to call you my scarf sister!


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