Monday, October 17, 2011

a little mail art and next adventure

I am in the midst of scurrying around packing and getting ready for Serendipity. I am so excited to see some wonderful friends and to bask in the light of the moon on the beach. I am teaching two workshops called Magic Muse and Full Spectrum Story. I have fallen hard for teaching! It feels natural......i'm not nervous and so far has been the most rewarding practice since i first started painting. I love sharing this bit of myself and the fun techniques that incorporate painting messy with our hands and using words and paper as background patterns. carefree and alive......!!

here are some photos i took last year in nags head....

 this is the moon folks!! certainly serendipitous that there
was this huge moon last year over the water....
(a bit of a back story......i had an epiphany that i wanted to
start painting when i saw the moon over the water on
the west coast back in 2005)
it really doesn't get much better than this!!!

I'll post lots of photos when i return. me and this girl have a date with  a camera. (we did
a trade of a painting from me for a photo shoot with excited!!)
and perhaps a little margarita too!

also i wanted to leave you with a couple mail art pieces:

 mail art from Tina Gilmore
i adore the intricate line drawings on the envelope
and the little pin is to die for....and we haven't even talked 
about the!!! so so wonderful and even matted too
thank you tina!!

mail art from Rachel Rydel
I have had a huge art crush on rachel for months now
and i received this beautiful little book just in time for halloween.
i just squealed when i saw it wrapped in those darling
glassine bags topped off with a pin. this will
most certainly go under my Nightmare before Christmas Tree.

Thank you Rachel and Tina for your amazing talents. your mail art is headed your way right now.

I will be resuming my mail art exchange in November so get out your pens, paints, thread, or whatever
and send me some art to be featured on my blog.

here is my mailing address again:
Mindy Lacefield
123 Detonti Drive
Maumelle, AR  72113


  1. Oh, I am sure Serendipity will be a beautiful time for you! What could be better then art, the beach & friends? :) Wonderful mail art...looking forward to sending you something in November! So fun!

  2. So excited to meet you at Serendipity! I am taking one of your classes and packed together all the supplies you suggested! Simply can't wait... see you tomorrow!


  3. Hi Mindy :)

    I would love to participate in your next Mail Art there something fancy I need to do to 'sign up'...some guidelines/parameters?


  4. Wish I could come..... I have this desire to live near a coast. Love the sounds of the water and the feel of sand between my toes.

    Enjoy yourself and can't wait to see the pics!

    PS. I'm the person that was evacuated due to wildfire in NM right after I placed an order from your etsy shop. It was AFTER that that I found your blog!

  5. Okay, this is the second blog I've stumbled upon today about mail art swaps! I think the universe may be trying to tell me something. What a delight this project must have been for you (and everyone who participated). Glad to hear you're starting it up again soon! Also, that first picture is absolutely gorgeous!:)

  6. Best of luck with your teaching adventures! Love your photos!

    Did you see I shared you on facebook last week? Love your art!

  7. oh how i wish i was headed to that fantastic coast as well. one day... one day. i wanted to let you know that you have an amazing teaching ability. i swear it was almost meditative and so calming watching you walk through your process. so freeing and so calm. thx for sharing your gift with the world!! i do wish for your magical times on that beautiful coast, although i am certain i do not need to :) xo

  8. I'm so glad you liked the tiny book Mindy (and I didn't even know you were doing "mail art"...lucky me!). Thank you too for the lovely little's hanging in my studio with all the other treasures you painted!


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