Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a bit of NEWS and some mail art

I have just returned from teaching at Serendipity and i discovered the beauty of magic moments. (more on this very soon)

fab mail art that i received while i was away:

 the pink, the red, the stitches.....
the words peeking from behind tissue and papers.
from the talented Vikki

 nostalgia at its best.....
layers and layers of sepias and orange
a teeny touch of turquoise in all the right places
mail art from the Fabulous Karen

juicy collage
playful purple
remarkable layering!
this gorgeous atc original 
mail art is from the talented Martice

Thank you Martice, Karen and Vikki.......what gorgeous works of art you made. (your mail art pieces from me are going out today or in the morning)

ok.....so for news time.................

a new business opportunity is in the inner-workings of my brain. i am letting it simmer for now. a couple steps in the direction have been made. it has been a passion of mine since i was a little girl and i think the more i visit that child, her heart is telling me to make this leap. i'm not sure where this will end up so i don't want to reveal anything too soon. i'm guessing months will pass until anything is seen of it. but i will tell you that i will continue to make art........and that this new venture will incorporate my art in it. almost like an extension of my art. of me. 

so due to this news, I am closing my mail art exchange program for now. i know that i had previously announced that i would resume the exchange in November (so if you've sent things in to me already...don't worry i will honor your mail and you will receive a return mail piece from me.) thank you for everyone that participated. it was a dream of mine inspired by the late Ray Johnson to make mail art and send it into the world.

i heart you all BIG time!


  1. Oh Mindy...whenever you hint to something new my feet tingle with excitement...I can only imagine it will be heart-FULL! Sending you heaps of fairy dust as you venture into another fork of your beautiful creative journey. You continue to inspire my world and fill my heart up with so much happy I could burst! xoxo

  2. ooh sounds like you've got some fun plans ahead!!
    I wish you all the luck in the world for whatever it is you want to achieve sweetpea x

  3. Hi Mindy, it has been so thrilling to watch you grow and move into new directions... and I love ideas like that that come to us and need to simmer a bit (I am needing one of those myself!) Anyway, watch the pot and stir it once in a while.... can't wait to see what comes out of it!! XOX

  4. Thank you so very, very much for the mail art!!! I love everything you sent me!!! Your painting was trully awesome! It really brightens my day! You are awesome!!!

  5. I did get it Mindy! thank you ! what was the day it was posted and when did you receive it?

  6. Mindy! I'm excited to hear what you are doing. You are such an amazing woman... good luck!

  7. I totally blew it! Got too busy, and forgot to send it out. I'll look for your next round. Congrats on your new endeavor. It sounds exciting!


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